Monday, August 30, 2010

Ninjas & Demons - Part 1

"Hey, Asagi."


"If tentacles are solid already, why do they need erect penises on the ends?"

"I don't know."

Click here if you don't get it.

Taimanin Asagi (Ninja Demon Hunter Asagi)

I am putting a ring on this one.

This is a nearly shot-for-shot remake of the anime and the first thing you notice is how well they (Attackers) pulled it off. The opening scene is complete with an upbeat theme song and 300-style camera speedups to create the illusion of fast-paced anime combat. Lesser moves with the Danger Chick concept usually fail right here because most porn stars aren't trained for fighting scenes and their slow, awkward movements make their performance unconvincing. The stars of this show have their inadequacies covered by camera effects so we actually believe we're watching ninjas fight.

As for the main cast, Asagi is the Goddess of Rapable Ninjas. She's clearly seen the anime and understands how to portray the unbearable extasy Asagi endures as countless dicks and dick-like things wail on her orgasm button. Oh, and she has stonking great, anime-sized tits.

I've seen enough. Nana Aoyama, will you marry me?

Sakura (国見奈々 / Nana Kunimi) is Asagi's kid sister. Sufficiently cute, her 34C's (Japan calls her cup size 95G, which sounds much better) don't really carry that anime buoyancy on screen. At least the costuming is screen-perfect.

Smaller boobs end up as ancilliary characters.

Oboro (石原あすか / Asuka Ishihara) really doesn't look like herself in this movie. While Aoyama can pull off ninja resolve with subtle facial ticks and Kunimi correctly ported anime cuteness into her character, Ishihara leaves the anime look behind and goes for soemthing a little more...scary clown.

Why so serious?

The first major sex scene involves Asagi and Oboro but not in the way you'd think. In a short time the movie sets up complex relationships between the characters that make the scene more interesting. Asagi goes to meet her fiance Kyousuke but finds the slain Oboro there instead, back from the Underworld. Oboro has posessed Kyousuke and managed to seal Asagi's power while her defenses were down. Helpless, Asagi must endure Oboro's clever two-part torture.

The first part is obvious; Oboro summons otherworldly beings to abuse Asagi.

Dink dink, dink dink dink DINK DINK di~nk...

You'd think Kyousuke is the cuckold in this case, but remember he's under Oboro's control and not really there. To hurt Asagi, Oboro starts to suck and fuck Asagi's fiance right in front of her, taunting the whole time. Well, except when the dick is in her mouth. This helps the whole scene come together. Normally it's just porn talk when the fuckee says "it's going in so deep" and "it feels so good." Now the lines have a real depth to them since they're being used to tease Asagi.

You might think this is cruel but remember, Asagi did kind of kill Oboro. Our culture says murder in movies is fine, but sex acts get you banned from most traffic exchanges. (Whoops.) This movie at least creates a fantasy setting where neither rape nor murder leave any kind of permanent damage...except Oboro's new thirst for vengeance.

Revenge is a dish best served with semen.

Hey, Asagi.


Will my readers tune in Wednesday for Part 2?

"I don't know."

29% Suck?

Dear JSexNetwork,

Lately my downloads have been freezing and timing out of the server eventually. It seems I can cancel and resume the download, but this is cumbersome and after two restarts my video (~02356) is only 68% done and frozen again. Please advise.

I just emailed that. They don't know who I am or what I'm doing, so this'll be a good test. (My name isn't really Phil E. Ryder. Clever, huh.)

Also, those guys in the Promotions Everywhere box have about a week to keep their end of the bargain. They're on my front page all the time and I'm, what, buried 5 pages down in 1 of their zillion category pages?

Taimanin Asagi, next. Promise.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Existential Crisis... In My Pants

We interrupt the thorough enjoyment and review drafting for Taimanin Asagi (OMG <3 soooo~ <3 good) to bring you this important bulletin: Some shit is up with Adult Blog Hub.

I found them by searching for ways to promote this blog and I despise them for two reasons:
  1. They removed my blog from their site after less than a day

This blog was removed because they think it is a professional site. At this point, I'm the one paying paysites to blog about my experiences with them. (Oh, JSexNetwork: Naughty, naughty; We have to talk about your download issues. Later.) So, maybe I do plan to monetize this blog with referral links. If that alone was a rule that auto-disqualified people, jolly good then.

BUT, their fucking #3 ranked blog, A Slut's Memoir is a BDSM blog with referral links to kink shops. So she can do it with toys but I can't do it with movies? How do you think the discrimination makes me feel?

Notice, what you don't see here is lube.

A Slut's Memoir is an awesome blog. Author SlipperyWhenWet recounts probably true stories of all her tied-up, unrestrained sexual escapades with literary precision. And that brings us to the crisis ladies and gentlemen:

I'm mad at Adult Blog Hub for doing something wrong, but if I'm Porn Worth Watching then I have to tell you about them. So I've done my job. There's plenty of cool blogs there organized in a great system that lets you know who's updating more. (RSS might be easier though.) One more loose end:

This blog is under a month old. I wanted to help steer people away from the traffic circles out there: awful places where ads are the content. In the end, they must have smelled some corporate stank on here.

Do you smell that? Did I step in something?

I don't want to be corporate and stanky. The vision was an entertaining community where people talk about this stuff. That just means I have to rethink this entire blog.

So, for one, blogs. Gotta start doing them too. For two, free sites. It's probably going to be fun to pit free sites against pay sites, that way people can see if it's really worth it to them. For three, and I've been meaning to do this anyway, I have to find stuff that sucks. It's no fun, no credibility if I just love everything.

To sum up:
  1. Adult Blog Hub is actually worth going to.

  2. Adult Blog Hub is currently being an unresponsive, hypocritical bastard.

  3. Apparently, I'm covering the whole Internet now.

  4. Free vs. Pay, deathmatches next week.

  5. My intended update schedule would have made me #10 on Adult Blog Hub.

  6. I gotta go find more readers now.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Grow Your Penis By 6762 Miles

Stretch your erection halfway around the world, for at long last it is time to cover the JSexNetwork--the best source of Japanese porn I have ever seen. I have to admit this is kind of cheating. I'm already familiar with the JSexNextwork and I'm happy to be back on it. So before I get into the opinionated stuff, let's cover the Unbiased Facts:

The J Sex Network

Join if you love/skip if you hate: Japanese girls...they count as "Asian."
Cost: 1 candy bar a day
Come For The: Feature-length adult videos; short, pleated, schoolgirl uniforms
Stay For The: The Weird Stuff

Japan is the weirdness capital of the world.

Find the Japan 1 Fuck Grand Prix Championship in their "Exclusive AV Programs" section.

The Signup Story

There is no loud "Join Now" button in your face. In fact, non-members can browse all sections of the site. Only movie downloads and full-sized images aren't available. When ready, click on registration. Memberships are recurring, so mark your calendar with a cancellation date. (Of course, I want you to subscribe through my affiliate links and stay forever, but I don't need chargebacks or angry readers.)

Signup was rather painless since my Brazzers signup showed me the hard way which credit card won't go apeshit on me. (HSBC Mastercard.) You can choose between 30 and 60 days, with the 60-day option saivng you about $7.90. (Extra Starbucks for YOU!)

Your username and passcode are nine-digit numbers given to you on signup. Plus: No bickering over usernames, no typing and retyping passwords. Minus: You almost have to copy and paste your login. Browsers have "REMEMBER PASSWORD" checkboxes. USE THEM.

I went to D-Bank to download the movie that made me go "holy shit, it's time to join JSexNetwork again:"

Ninjas AND tentacles? Where do I sign up?

By the way, it isn't that I expect this film to be jizztastic. (It probably will be.) There's a "Dude, you gotta see this" aspect at work here. Live-action anime. Ninjas. I'm in.

Click the movie you want and you have to copy/paste your password again. Check the "remember" box. Here's where you need some Japanese patience. This isn't a Tube Site where you click and watch a stream. You're downloading a feature-length movie. Right-click, "Save Target As." My technology is shitty so I waited about half an hour for my 2GB download in two files. This is the part where you multi-task and reward yourself later.

You worked hard. You deserve one of these.

I did have a problem with the first download, it seemed to save the shortcut rather than the file. I refreshed the page and all was well.

Here's another cool thing: Verotel, the merchant provider of many adult sites, now has a QuickCharge account. If you agree to log in you don't have to keep entering your data. If you're using the Internet as a porno-go-round, that's awesome.

So that's the story of JSexNetwork. This post says nothing of the amazing and wonderful differences between Japanese porn and American (more toys; more big, natural breasts; innovative plots and scenes) nor has it reviewed a movie. Tune in next week for Taimanin Asagi (Ninja Demon Hunter Asagi).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dat Asa - Part 2

Last time, on Porn Worth Watching: Our heroine was left with a gigantic James Lipton buried deep inside her tiny Actor's Studio. So stunned from the filling experience, she lost all memory of the script and began screaming the stage directions:


And now, the exciting conclusion.

Pardon me for being facetious, but the lack of good script writing combined with bad delivery is one of the things that makes porn so damn funny. Done properly, the viewer can at least look past all that and see the erotic forest through the poorly-written trees. This film does it OK if cheating wives is your thing. There are only two lines once the fucking starts:

"I'm a cheating whore."
"...better than my husband's cock."

Spaced out through the sex to break up the monotony of fucking (it is kind of repetitive) it gets the job done if (and only if) you've really got a thing for slut wives.

Wives don't just go from "I promised God I wouldn't" to "stick it in my cheatin' vadoodle" just like that. Believe me, I've tried. (But if you do like that instant "your brain does what I want, right now" stuff, check out the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.)

Good stories come from conflict. It would have been much hotter if we got to watch Asa struggle against her loyalty a bit more, and during more stages of foreplay. I'm talking about the difference between porn and erotica:

Porn: Asa gets on the couch, opens her legs and let's Keiran spit-lube her into readiness.
Erotica: Keiran steps behind Asa and lowers her bra straps. He begins to massage her nipples and she shudders from the pleasure, but moans "I can't" as she pushes one bra strap back up but doesn't move away. Holding her left bra strap with her right arm causes her breasts to lewdly display on her forearm.

Both scenes cost the same to shoot.

Porn: Keiran wips out his Rod of Lordly Might and Asa spends the next 10 minutes trying to fit as much of it down her throat as possible.
Erotica: After muting her protests with kisses, Asa pushes him away but is still on the couch. Keiran releases his erection and asks her if she remembers how good it felt. Asa is forced to admit what happened and agrees to blow him but after that he must leave. We all know it won't end there, but Asa needs to fool herself right now.

Too complicated? How about having Asa follow Keiran's example and keep her voice down. This is a slut wife fetish film, at least maintain the premise of Not Wanting To Wake the Husband.

Well, that's my gripe. On to happier things: Asses.

Personally, I don't understand what's so magical about some little brown eye, but everyone in Brazzers just seems to love sticking their fingers in it.

Mordor's lesser-known countryside, MorBackDor.

When I first watched a Pornstar's Punnishment video I thought the anal fingering (yes, that's a tag on Brazzers) was special. It turn out not only is this a common practice, but everyone seems to have their own style:

Keiran Lee throws a mean knuckleball.

I should mention Asa's third primary line here, "put your finger in my ass." I get it, we're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally turned on because lust has made you take leave of your anal senses, but this is the wrong shot for it:

Now paint the Sistine Chapel on my back. Oh, <3 ~yeeeah~

Not to be a hater, but this shot makes her implants look fake. There's no winning there, you turn on the implant lovers and turn off the nature lovers. Whatever, everything looks real in a bra. They totally make up for it in the next shot though. It isn't every day I watch porn and learn something:

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. (I'm totally trying this at home.)

Remember, these people are trained professionals and their studios probably have insurance contracts. I'm not responsible if you end up really embarassed when you explain to the doctors what happened.

Overall I can't say this film is a date replacement on a cold Friday night, but when I've already got a companion I'd click my way here for a little ambiance. (Or, "prediction of her future.") This is one of Asa Akira's better projects; I've seen her humble beginnings. I'll leave you with the main reason to go get her stuff:

She rolls herself into the cutest ball of fuck you've ever seen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dat Asa - Part 1

The problem with reviews is you get a very short time with your subject and you're off to the next one. Today, Brazzers taught me a valuable lesson: things grow and change as you think about them. I was ready to dismiss the site as just a lot of the same crap behind all that exquisite, high-class photography and video quality, but one, new video changed my mind:

Asa Akira in "Say 'Hello' To Your Husband For Me."

It's almost like they read about my troubles in Japan last week. Searching for "Asian" now turns up videos with actual Asians. The best one they have, though, isn't until page 2.

Asa Akira is Japanese by race but she fucks American-style. (Yes, there is a huge difference.) Naturally gorgeous and curvy, stunning in heavy eye make-up, artistically inked and one of the most amazing asses on a Japanese girl, it is worth the price of admission to Brazzers to see the four hours of material they have with her, never mind the other 988 porn stars there. could go to the Asa Akira main site where you'll get her stuff and 13 other sites.

OK I'm done orally pleasing her, time to get off my knees and talk about this flick.

Those geniuses in the Movie Naming Department may have already tipped you off that this is a cheating wife film. Maybe the fact that it's in the Real Wife Stories section also clued you in. Or, the first three minutes of exposition could have told you that. The plot is simple, but it's still an impressive bit of character development for such a small bit of dialogue. Asa travels the world on business and doesn't get much time to spend with her husband, apparently played by John Belushi:

Samurai Pornstar is dishonored by your adultery.

The couple finally has that dinner and movie night they've always wanted, but you can tell they've been apart so long the "about time" attitude is burying any romantic comfort it might have brought them. Asa is also troubled by someone, a lover or stalker perhaps, that won't stop calling her. It turns out he's a little bit of both, and this is where the movie stops making sense so they can fuck.

Awoken by the stalker's 4:20am call (Brazzers freezes their clocks on 4:20) and worried there might be a stalker in her house, Asa goes downstairs in her sexy underwear armed with a rather lightweight iPhone.

Knock out a burgular? There's an app for that.

This is where everyone's talent gets underused. Through some great act of irony Asian skin doesn't look great in yellow, and through an act of DNA Asa's best assets are her face and ass, neither of which is the focus in this shot. Keiran Lee (the one in the suit), on the other hand, is actually British and should therefore have a much better bad guy accent. He's here to half-seduce, half-blackmail Asa into letting him fuck the fidelity out of her like he does on all those business trips. I'll settle for your best Jeremy Irons impression.

Really my darling, I can free you from this dreary love life.

And cue the cheesy music. It's porn so he'll go leaping towards the clittoris, even though there are lots of things you can do first. Asa will try to get that massive rod down her throat, bless her heart, but he'll have to settle for that trick where she uses her hands to make him feel like the shaft is deep in there. Then, agains all laws of biology, this happens:


His cock is literally 1/8 her height and he buries that thing to the balls in her. HARD. A LOT. It's like she has a secret door in there.

OK, I've covered the uninteresting parts. Tune in later for Part 2.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ow, My Aching Sense of Time

Back from Japan. The jet lag is violent, clubbing me into unconsciousness at inopportune hours. So worth it. Here's a minor fraction of why:

I told you I'd bring you back something good. Generally I'm anti-banner and I'll get some text link code eventually BUT, those three names up there are valuable information. Those women make some damn fine movies and you can get them without any trouble.

Anyway, I found my next target for a movie review:

Look upon their works, ye mighty, and weep. Taimanin Fucking Asagi has a live-action release. The very existence of this film is earth-shattering news with fangasmic implications.

Firstly, this is the fastest anime-->live-action release ever. First released in Japan for download on February 24th, 2007 we see a live-action just a short three years later. Dragon Ball Z needed over 20 years.

Secondly, this makes Pixy Soft the baddest ass of all the hentai creation studios, or at least a trendsetter (we hope). This is the strongest show of capability since convincing Hentai Key to take all their movies down. A shame, since I found Pixy Soft in the first place by noticing all my favorite movies had the same maker. Pixy Soft has risen to fame by creating sexy action chicks that get in over their heads and end up gangbanged by man and monster alike. What can I say, they really know how to treat a lady.

This makes the live-action Japanese studio Attackers the perfect company to produce this film. Basically, the top anime producer of ninjas, investigators, valkyries, and other danger chicks failing their missions and getting reamed for it has teamed up with the top live-action producer of...just that.

If this trend keeps up, if other studios keep making these team projects, there will not be enough sperm in any human ball sack to keep up.

The future is a wonderful place.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Subscriptions, Save Me

I'm as far from home as I can physically be. I can't mack real women, and I have limited use of the language here anyway. It costs $12 for one, shitty hotel adult movie. Net connections are slow, and my shitty travel netbook doesn't have a DVD drive. Plus, this thing automatically detects my region and makes my netbook display East Asian characters, but I don't have East Asian fonts installed. So, no local text reading either.

Which web site will save me?

I logged in to Hentai Key but I couldn't get Hentai Movie Planet to load. Might be a local legality issue or perhaps the hyperdrive is broken. That was yesterday, let me try again.

I have to reload the page a few times but things are coming up. Apparently you don't get great speeds at foreign hotels using my shitty travel netbook. Who knew. Hmmm...

Hentai Movie Planet won't load.

Orgasmic Animation, the second choice, is up! Cool, I wanna see Mistreated Bride 3. They don't stream, so I have to download. Actually it's both. You click the link and it opens a YouTube style viewing window that won't play right until enough content is downloaded. See how I'm really roughing it out here?

The Mistreated Bride series is good by the way. Hot sex with a MILF who's big on the tits and small on the willpower. Lots of incest but it's related-by-marriage, so you can pretend the half-relations are full-relations if you like incest and non-relations if you don't.

Well, I'm going to have to run that on a real computer. Let's try Brazzers.

OK, the connection is so bad here it took the Member Login page 10 seconds to load. Doesn't bode well for digital media. Login, password, CAPCHA...yeah, a site that big they probably get a lot of burgulars trying to pound down that door.

Being in the far east has given me a craving for Asian food, and by "food" I mean "fap material." Let's look at the Brazzers Asian selection; they have a pull down menu.

Son, I am disappoint.

The first hit is for a movie with Keiran Lee. I guess they figured "Lee" gets the Asian tag. Keiran Lee is British. And a dude. The other hits aren't much closer. Got this hot blonde in a kimono-like thing though.

I have Brazzers for, like a year. Really, for a little under $99 you get it for a whole year, phucken steal. I don't know if it's the right site for me. Great shots, but...well, all their movies are the same. Spoiler: blowjob, spank, fuck, blowjob, money shot.

HEY! Hentai Movie Planet loaded! That took forever. Let me just click on this movie I want to see and...*sigh* wait for it to load.

... doesn't work out here either. I hope it's that. Wouldn't want to return home to find them not existing anymore. THERE's some Porn Worth Watching.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Japan: Respect, Culture, Porn

Japan is a wonderful place with a culture thousands of years old and--

Fuck that, what's the porn like? Well, 90% of it is Same Shit, Different Island. It's the minor cultural differences that shape the other 10% of it into Porn Worth Watching.

Don't worry, I *WILL* bring you back something from Japan, I promise. Here are the top 5 reasons you're looking forward to that, and I'll be developing some of these ideas in later posts when I'm not on vacation. (That's right: sequence of events: Phil plans Japan vacation, much time passes, Phil gets crazy blog idea and actually does it, Phil's flight leaves for Japan.)

The Top 5 Reasons You're Looking Forward to Seeing Japanese Porn Here

  • 5. Show me a country's taboos and I'll show you it's porn shelf. Office ladies, schoolgirls, teachers, groping on the train, and fucking a girl JUST because she has big titties.

  • 4. No duckface. Ever wonder what porn would be like if women didn't contort their painted faces and curse all the time? It'd be much sexier.

  • 3. Fully customizable. When you don't know what they're saying, you get to fill in the blanks. Whatever you wish she was saying, well for all you know, she's saying it.

  • 2. Variety of actions. Like I said in the Discipline Rei review, Japan is considerate and stuffs a variety of activity into its porn. Sure the live stuff is a bit limited by reality but it still goes way beyond blowjob-->doggie-->reverse cowgirl-->blowjob-->finish

  • And the Number One Reason You Want To See Japanese Stuff Here: The Asian tag is like bacon--anything you put it on gets better. There is no "Asian" tag in Japan--there's an "American" tag. EVERYONE HERE IS ASIAN. Think of the implications here. Whatever you want, whatever you're into, whatever you want to see, be it big breasts, foot fetish, threesomes, anal, lesbian, rape, toys, or toys raping lesbians, imagine it where everyone is Asian.

  • Yeah. I'm near Akihabara so I'm going to check out the sex shops and see what's good. Then when I get back I'm going to find the sites that have that good stuff and get you guys (both of you) hooked up.

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    Finding Ms Right Now

    Today I will tell you a love story. A magical tale of penis meets digital girl. :::Cue up Michael Bolton::: "When a pe~nis, loves a digital girl / fingers start touching his pants / sure they're really his own / but he pretends they're hers...

    So I searched the top rated models on Brazzers because hey, why go through 989 porn stars when the thousands of members can help me figure out who's worth watching, right?

    Don't get me wrong, there all hotties. Mostly. 989 (probably more after this writing) is enough for anyone to shop for what they want. Anyway, I found these on the first page (30 per page):

    Nice rack, but in the mood for something else.Nice tits, but they're on a horse.Kill it with fire.

    A lot of them seem so whorishly dolled-up. Don't get me wrong--I love that. For some reason on that day at that time I asked myself:

    Is there a natural beauty here? Someone enhanced rather than created by all the photoshopping and make-up?

    Yes, and she's on the second page with a rating of 8.56, with the highest rating being 8.73; so she's 98% Hottest on Brazzers.

    Pardon me while I sigh dreamily and breathe out her name. ~ <3 Austin Kincaid <3 ~

    What photo, you ask, among the sea of tans, tits, and threesomes caught my attention? This one.

    She's not even looking at us.

    So I clicked her page and had 23 scenes to choose from, based only on the title and a picture:

    I asked the cleavage, it swears there's a cock in this photo

    I loves me some blackmail porn where she ends up loving it anyway, so I figured I'd fire up this doobie and see how high it takes me.

    The Secret Is Out

    Omigod omigod omigod she's so hot. When you've been watching porn, selling porn, sometimes hangin' out with porn stars as long as I have, you start to think no one can make you flip out over beauty like that anymore.

    Brazzers classifies her as a MILF. This must be a biological technicality; at 30 she has flawless skin, tender curves, and a sultry voice. ~ <3 Austin <3 ~ Where was I? Right.

    That sultry voice of hers is giving phone sex. To herself mostly. Make sure BOTH your speakers are working or you'll have to download it legally in one of 7 formats and play it off your hard drive.

    Anyway, you don't want to miss this. In an industry where so little character development happens, we get a good, long look at everything we need to know...about why we want to fuck the shit out of her. Long, smooth legs that lead all the way up to lacy underwear. The high heels arch her calves and make her legs look extra sensual. Double-D breasts strain a tight top and she's playing with them, suggesting it's as much fun for her as it would be for you.

    And don't get me started on heavy eye shadow. It makes the eyelids look heavy, tricking your sexual subconscious into thinking she's having an orgasm. Combine that with bright colors (the peacock mating ritual) and the jizz is as good as on her tits already.

    Movie? Well, compared to anime hardly anything happens. The dude is some kind of investigator and has to report her phone sex activities to her husband. She does this because the husband has a small dick. (Weak, but Kincaid is more than hot enough to get away with it.) Our investigator proposes a solution: he has a huge cock, so if he gives it to her she won't have to have the phone sex her husband hates so much. (Very faulty logic, but it gets the dick in her.)

    Personally, I think she's way hotter in this with her clothes on. Her beauty shines through clothing, inspiring awe and anticipation.

    All while sucking a dick.

    But then this happensAnd this.And this.
    Over and over again. Sure that's the good part, but it's also regular. For all her exotic beauty (Half-Cherokee FTW!) in the end, she's simply getting pounded with a huge cock. I think she deserves more. Like double-penetration.

    Or a money shot on those awesomely-constructed tits. That works.

    What To Do

    This blog really should be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing. After putting the review for Discipline together, I now know I cannot do three of those a week. Not until readers start 1) showing up and 2) joining sites so I can quit my day job and do this for you all the time.

    So what exactly will I be doing?

    Well, I'm going to Japan this week. That'll really fuck up the M, W, F schedule, but BOY will I let you know if there's anything in Japan worth watching.

    Anyway, there are really three primary things to talk about in this blog:

    1. The Lifestyle - Day-to-day life of a paid member. In terms of finding porn it really is the sweet life, usually measured in Crap You Don't Have To Put Up With Anymore.

    2. Erotic Writing - mine or someone else's; I do story / erotic literature sites also.

    3. Movie Reviews - duh.

    And there's the Monday, Wednesday, Friday. "Lifestyle" posts can be replaced by anything particularly interesting I find, like a porn star interview or coverage of an industry show.

    Exxxotica New York is in September.

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Lack of Discipline

    I promised. So...

    Discipline Rei / Discipline Zero / Discipline 2

    Watch if you like / Skip if you hate: Slaves giving naked busty girls oil massages, big breasts, group sex, freaky stuff not even Prince would sing about

    Tags: mf, ff, md, fd, preg but not really (see below)

    Get it at: Hentai Movie Planet, before it's licensed and they take it down. It's bad enough they removed all the Pixy Soft videos.

    This is one of those sequel prequels. Let's clear up the naming issues. The "Rei" part of the title is the Japanese symbol 零 which means "zero." The English translation will be "Discipline Zero" but it's a sequel series so people will just call it "Discipline 2."

    If you're worried about the ages of the girls because this is a Japanese video, let me lay your fears to rest: there is no way anyone could grow boobs that big in less than 18 years. If you disagree, then you'll just have to rub the evidence in my face.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

    The Japanese are a very considerate people so their adult videos will have something for everybody. It starts off pretty straight with naked slaves giving oil massages to main characters. Then you have girls playing with toys, then you have...these two girls...and they' a club I think. Well, I know they have dat ass.

    Kirby taught them well.

    This kicks off a long, drawn-out, steamy scene where a hot girl discovers the foursome and wants in. From there it ascends into depravity as every girl not being fucked is so needy she has to pleasure herself with a toy. The defining moment is when the two tied-up girls desperately start rubbing against each other, nipple-to-nipple, pussy-to-thigh, determined not to miss out on a single orgasm.

    Then it gets...egalitarian. Like I said before, the Japanese are a considerate people and flashes of rare fetishes show up to make sure everyone is the pants. Women can be in control and men can be gagged, dommed little sluts.

    The Pep Boys do more than fix cars.

    If that idea makes your dick retreat all the way back to your liver, don't panic. Remember kids, penises go in vaginas. And asses. And mouths. And hands. But still, nothing says "your semen is for my entertainment" like filling up a brandy sniffer with it. Doubly so for domming the laws of physics--the angle of his dangle should shoot the semen onto his stomach, not back and to the left.

    The magic cumshot that embarrassed JFK

    Let's not leave the laws of biology out of this gangbang. Japan has a wonderful way to shoehorn a pregnancy fetish into a flick that has no pregnant people. It summons and dismisses that fetish belly in mere seconds and there's no actual baby involved. The Church will love it!

    They fill her ass with enough cum to expand the organs.

    If you contemplate it for too long something beautiful inside you will die. Just try to see the scene for what it is: the woman is too helpless to stop cocks and cum from entering any of her holes, regardless of the undesirable consequences. Sometimes I love anime for its stunning and imaginative lack of realism. There is no way this would work in real life; it's just too dangerous.

    Today on Mythbusters - Kari takes one for the team.

    As a film Discipline is very aware it doesn't have to endure the rigors of plot and character development. It's a damn hot show with something for everyone and it knows that. And if this particular show isn't for you, there's hundreds of other movies on that site.

    I have much to do so I shouldn't be watching porn.