Monday, October 4, 2010

Battle Hookers

There's porn worth reading out there too, folks.

Sites like Literotica and The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive have tons of free porn for you to read.

Don't make that face at me. Any--ANY video made to get you off is at best a guess at what you're looking for. When you read, your mind fills in all the details perfectly, custom-tailored to your tastes. Voice? Perfect. How long are they in that position? Up to you. Her race? Watch this:

"She was a black an Asian girl with B DD cup breasts."

See? Writing is awesome. I wish I could swap out the girl in a video (or my bed) as easily. I'd never touch a tit below C again.

Anyway, here's a story called Battle Hookers. Unlike the film industry that likes to say anything to make you watch, stories usually deliver--this tale has Battles, Hookers, hookers battling, catfighting, sex, toys, girl-girl and...

...go read it.