Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lack of Discipline

I promised. So...

Discipline Rei / Discipline Zero / Discipline 2

Watch if you like / Skip if you hate: Slaves giving naked busty girls oil massages, big breasts, group sex, freaky stuff not even Prince would sing about

Tags: mf, ff, md, fd, preg but not really (see below)

Get it at: Hentai Movie Planet, before it's licensed and they take it down. It's bad enough they removed all the Pixy Soft videos.

This is one of those sequel prequels. Let's clear up the naming issues. The "Rei" part of the title is the Japanese symbol 零 which means "zero." The English translation will be "Discipline Zero" but it's a sequel series so people will just call it "Discipline 2."

If you're worried about the ages of the girls because this is a Japanese video, let me lay your fears to rest: there is no way anyone could grow boobs that big in less than 18 years. If you disagree, then you'll just have to rub the evidence in my face.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

The Japanese are a very considerate people so their adult videos will have something for everybody. It starts off pretty straight with naked slaves giving oil massages to main characters. Then you have girls playing with toys, then you have...these two girls...and they' a club I think. Well, I know they have dat ass.

Kirby taught them well.

This kicks off a long, drawn-out, steamy scene where a hot girl discovers the foursome and wants in. From there it ascends into depravity as every girl not being fucked is so needy she has to pleasure herself with a toy. The defining moment is when the two tied-up girls desperately start rubbing against each other, nipple-to-nipple, pussy-to-thigh, determined not to miss out on a single orgasm.

Then it gets...egalitarian. Like I said before, the Japanese are a considerate people and flashes of rare fetishes show up to make sure everyone is the pants. Women can be in control and men can be gagged, dommed little sluts.

The Pep Boys do more than fix cars.

If that idea makes your dick retreat all the way back to your liver, don't panic. Remember kids, penises go in vaginas. And asses. And mouths. And hands. But still, nothing says "your semen is for my entertainment" like filling up a brandy sniffer with it. Doubly so for domming the laws of physics--the angle of his dangle should shoot the semen onto his stomach, not back and to the left.

The magic cumshot that embarrassed JFK

Let's not leave the laws of biology out of this gangbang. Japan has a wonderful way to shoehorn a pregnancy fetish into a flick that has no pregnant people. It summons and dismisses that fetish belly in mere seconds and there's no actual baby involved. The Church will love it!

They fill her ass with enough cum to expand the organs.

If you contemplate it for too long something beautiful inside you will die. Just try to see the scene for what it is: the woman is too helpless to stop cocks and cum from entering any of her holes, regardless of the undesirable consequences. Sometimes I love anime for its stunning and imaginative lack of realism. There is no way this would work in real life; it's just too dangerous.

Today on Mythbusters - Kari takes one for the team.

As a film Discipline is very aware it doesn't have to endure the rigors of plot and character development. It's a damn hot show with something for everyone and it knows that. And if this particular show isn't for you, there's hundreds of other movies on that site.

I have much to do so I shouldn't be watching porn.

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