Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dat Asa - Part 2

Last time, on Porn Worth Watching: Our heroine was left with a gigantic James Lipton buried deep inside her tiny Actor's Studio. So stunned from the filling experience, she lost all memory of the script and began screaming the stage directions:


And now, the exciting conclusion.

Pardon me for being facetious, but the lack of good script writing combined with bad delivery is one of the things that makes porn so damn funny. Done properly, the viewer can at least look past all that and see the erotic forest through the poorly-written trees. This film does it OK if cheating wives is your thing. There are only two lines once the fucking starts:

"I'm a cheating whore."
"...better than my husband's cock."

Spaced out through the sex to break up the monotony of fucking (it is kind of repetitive) it gets the job done if (and only if) you've really got a thing for slut wives.

Wives don't just go from "I promised God I wouldn't" to "stick it in my cheatin' vadoodle" just like that. Believe me, I've tried. (But if you do like that instant "your brain does what I want, right now" stuff, check out the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.)

Good stories come from conflict. It would have been much hotter if we got to watch Asa struggle against her loyalty a bit more, and during more stages of foreplay. I'm talking about the difference between porn and erotica:

Porn: Asa gets on the couch, opens her legs and let's Keiran spit-lube her into readiness.
Erotica: Keiran steps behind Asa and lowers her bra straps. He begins to massage her nipples and she shudders from the pleasure, but moans "I can't" as she pushes one bra strap back up but doesn't move away. Holding her left bra strap with her right arm causes her breasts to lewdly display on her forearm.

Both scenes cost the same to shoot.

Porn: Keiran wips out his Rod of Lordly Might and Asa spends the next 10 minutes trying to fit as much of it down her throat as possible.
Erotica: After muting her protests with kisses, Asa pushes him away but is still on the couch. Keiran releases his erection and asks her if she remembers how good it felt. Asa is forced to admit what happened and agrees to blow him but after that he must leave. We all know it won't end there, but Asa needs to fool herself right now.

Too complicated? How about having Asa follow Keiran's example and keep her voice down. This is a slut wife fetish film, at least maintain the premise of Not Wanting To Wake the Husband.

Well, that's my gripe. On to happier things: Asses.

Personally, I don't understand what's so magical about some little brown eye, but everyone in Brazzers just seems to love sticking their fingers in it.

Mordor's lesser-known countryside, MorBackDor.

When I first watched a Pornstar's Punnishment video I thought the anal fingering (yes, that's a tag on Brazzers) was special. It turn out not only is this a common practice, but everyone seems to have their own style:

Keiran Lee throws a mean knuckleball.

I should mention Asa's third primary line here, "put your finger in my ass." I get it, we're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally turned on because lust has made you take leave of your anal senses, but this is the wrong shot for it:

Now paint the Sistine Chapel on my back. Oh, <3 ~yeeeah~

Not to be a hater, but this shot makes her implants look fake. There's no winning there, you turn on the implant lovers and turn off the nature lovers. Whatever, everything looks real in a bra. They totally make up for it in the next shot though. It isn't every day I watch porn and learn something:

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. (I'm totally trying this at home.)

Remember, these people are trained professionals and their studios probably have insurance contracts. I'm not responsible if you end up really embarassed when you explain to the doctors what happened.

Overall I can't say this film is a date replacement on a cold Friday night, but when I've already got a companion I'd click my way here for a little ambiance. (Or, "prediction of her future.") This is one of Asa Akira's better projects; I've seen her humble beginnings. I'll leave you with the main reason to go get her stuff:

She rolls herself into the cutest ball of fuck you've ever seen.

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