Sunday, August 29, 2010

Existential Crisis... In My Pants

We interrupt the thorough enjoyment and review drafting for Taimanin Asagi (OMG <3 soooo~ <3 good) to bring you this important bulletin: Some shit is up with Adult Blog Hub.

I found them by searching for ways to promote this blog and I despise them for two reasons:
  1. They removed my blog from their site after less than a day

This blog was removed because they think it is a professional site. At this point, I'm the one paying paysites to blog about my experiences with them. (Oh, JSexNetwork: Naughty, naughty; We have to talk about your download issues. Later.) So, maybe I do plan to monetize this blog with referral links. If that alone was a rule that auto-disqualified people, jolly good then.

BUT, their fucking #3 ranked blog, A Slut's Memoir is a BDSM blog with referral links to kink shops. So she can do it with toys but I can't do it with movies? How do you think the discrimination makes me feel?

Notice, what you don't see here is lube.

A Slut's Memoir is an awesome blog. Author SlipperyWhenWet recounts probably true stories of all her tied-up, unrestrained sexual escapades with literary precision. And that brings us to the crisis ladies and gentlemen:

I'm mad at Adult Blog Hub for doing something wrong, but if I'm Porn Worth Watching then I have to tell you about them. So I've done my job. There's plenty of cool blogs there organized in a great system that lets you know who's updating more. (RSS might be easier though.) One more loose end:

This blog is under a month old. I wanted to help steer people away from the traffic circles out there: awful places where ads are the content. In the end, they must have smelled some corporate stank on here.

Do you smell that? Did I step in something?

I don't want to be corporate and stanky. The vision was an entertaining community where people talk about this stuff. That just means I have to rethink this entire blog.

So, for one, blogs. Gotta start doing them too. For two, free sites. It's probably going to be fun to pit free sites against pay sites, that way people can see if it's really worth it to them. For three, and I've been meaning to do this anyway, I have to find stuff that sucks. It's no fun, no credibility if I just love everything.

To sum up:
  1. Adult Blog Hub is actually worth going to.

  2. Adult Blog Hub is currently being an unresponsive, hypocritical bastard.

  3. Apparently, I'm covering the whole Internet now.

  4. Free vs. Pay, deathmatches next week.

  5. My intended update schedule would have made me #10 on Adult Blog Hub.

  6. I gotta go find more readers now.


  1. Thank you for the compliment. If it makes you feel any better, I have never made a dime of those ads. I have considered removing them (maybe I will now). I just like the pictures.

    P.S. The stories are true. I can't write fiction. ;)