Saturday, August 7, 2010

What To Do

This blog really should be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing. After putting the review for Discipline together, I now know I cannot do three of those a week. Not until readers start 1) showing up and 2) joining sites so I can quit my day job and do this for you all the time.

So what exactly will I be doing?

Well, I'm going to Japan this week. That'll really fuck up the M, W, F schedule, but BOY will I let you know if there's anything in Japan worth watching.

Anyway, there are really three primary things to talk about in this blog:

  1. The Lifestyle - Day-to-day life of a paid member. In terms of finding porn it really is the sweet life, usually measured in Crap You Don't Have To Put Up With Anymore.

  2. Erotic Writing - mine or someone else's; I do story / erotic literature sites also.

  3. Movie Reviews - duh.

And there's the Monday, Wednesday, Friday. "Lifestyle" posts can be replaced by anything particularly interesting I find, like a porn star interview or coverage of an industry show.

Exxxotica New York is in September.

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