Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ninjas & Demons - Chapter 2

This is the reason Taimanin Asagi is one of the most amazing adult films:

We say it a lot, but when do you see someone actually fucked silly?

Let me explain. The demon is in the details, that is, this movie is the story of how Sakura and Asagi ended up that way. I'll summarize here for two reasons: 1) it's worth mentioning and 2) there's a language barrier.

Oboro, the returned-from-the-underworld lady in red with demonic tricep fat, isn't content to simply have Asagi raped by demons, nor was Oboro satisfied to posess and rape Asagi's fiance. This movie tells the story of Oboro's true goal: Reduce the warrior Asagi to a weak, submissive, perpetually horny sex slave--a slave to the countless men that want to use her and a slave to the pleasure she gets from it.

American porn usually goes Problem-->Fuck-->Problem Solved. This film tells the story of Oboro's revenge as her carefully selected methods reduce Asagi from the top Demon Hunting Ninja to...

Above: Dick, Bush, and drilling for oil.

After the first gangbang we immediately cut to Asagi being raped by tentacles. They don't really explain much at this point.

Nor do they have to.

Thank you for that. Nana Aoyama is one of those girls that's so hot we'll watch her do just about anything. At first this scene seems disconnected and typical of porn--she just loves it. Her hated nemesis is back from the dead and she's a blindfolded prisoner, but the tentacles feel so amazing inside her she can't help but cum and cum as the creature violates her further and further, marking his territory with monster goop.

In the next scene Asagi is dried, has a new costume, and is strung up by the wrists. Then we learn Asagi's body is hypersensitive to sexual stimulation. The hated Oboro nearly forces Asagi to climax just from feeling her nipples through her costume.

I had my suspicions but finding the English version of the video game at HentaiGuess confirmed it: the demons in this series secret an aphrodisiac that permiates the skin and turns the whole body into one, big sex organ. Now Oboro isn't the hottest fire in the camp, but what happens in this scene...

Give me an "I!" What's that spell? hot on so many levels. Even if you're like "fuck character drama" there's lesbian, domination and submission, bondage, forced climax, and, spoiler alert: squirting. Plot development wise it's also where Japanese speakers figure out the effects from the tentacle scene.

A few more extended scenes of this and you get:

Damn Oboro, is it Try Too Hard 'o'clock already?

Oh yeah, spoiler. Messing with dark powers doesn't work out as well as Oboro thought it would. Still, this doesn't end like you think it does. If you want to pick your ending, go get the game.

And there you have it--pornographic narrative. The story of mighty warriors reduced to silly sluts. Just like America, Japan has videos where they throw two people in a room and tell them to fuck for whatever reason. This film simply beats the shit out of all of them.

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