Friday, September 3, 2010

Site Issues

I'm going to stop talking about Taimanin Asagi now. If I don't, this entire blog might end up dedicated to it as I delve into the important differences between the movie, anime, and game. (Game Asagi takes it in the ass.)

While I was nerdgasming, website issues I'm supposed to be blogging about have been piling up. So here's what's been going on during the review:

Them blogs in the box:

Fuck them. Not a single referral. There are much better things to put in that box, like...what qualifies me to talk about porn, for example. On the other hand...

Adult Blog Hub:

...has actually sent me traffic before destroying my account. Their support email address was completely unresponsive, not only when I was not signed up but reporting their FAQ page didn't work, but after signing up as well. Furthermore, they deleted my account because they thought I was a professional. It's called "competence." Anyway, I made a post directed at them and cleverly made a new account so they'd have to go read it. No effect. Not even a response to the email. Overall, Adult Blog Hub is one, big, giant, gaping...



Gives the kind of service worth paying for. Speedy responses from a knowledgable support staff dedicated to making the site work for its users. When I reported that a server was acting slow for me, they replied:

"I will get the admins to reboot all the servers. Most of our servers have been running for over 250 days without a reboot. Lets see if that will speed things up." My computer can barely go a week without something going wrong. I've restarted like twice today. And, wow, download is at 700kbps.

Tune in next week for the first Free vs. Pay Deathmatch: vs. Google's #5 hit for "free porn."

(What, you don't expect me to start with the Main Event, do you?)

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