Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You've Been a Naughty Website

It's no secret that I'm an advocate for paysites. At least, I don't think it is. After all, behold my superlative financial status:

Thank you, sir. May I have another?

So if that's me, why am I such a staunch supporter of paying for it? I'd love to take the high road and say:
I've grown mature enough to realize there are industry professionals that dedicate themselves to producing quality product, not just the film stars but the engineers, gaffers, caterers, customer service reps, and agents that need our dollars to feed their families.

But really, I just can't stand the bullshit. I wish I never Googled "free porn." What happened in the Deathmatch yesterday was a disaster, not to mention a complete waste of a system I spent days devising.

So I checked the top ranked Google Pages (as #1 for "Porn Worth Watching" on bing.com, I can tell you only Google matters) for a good Deathmatch opponent for Brazzers. The #1 rank is SinfulSluts.com and look what I get when I search for FREE PORN:

They shouldn't be allowed to do that.

There's nothing wrong with giving out free candy to get people to come into your store. There IS something wrong with doing that in a candy store, pressuring them to buy what they thought was free once you have them in there.

Why does that place even turn up when you search for FREE PORN? Because it's in the title bar. "All the free porn you'll ever need." In any other business such lies would land you in jail.

Of the top 5 Google hits, www.pornhub.com actually seems to deliver free porn without asking for my name, credit card, or anything. Sure there's commercials everywhere, but when I clicked on "Amazing European Boobs" I actually got a video with some amazing European Boobs.

I wonder if she's really European.

Oh, guess who's ads appear on PornHub.

Next: Brazzers vs. Pornhub

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