Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deathmatch: Brazzers vs. Pornhub

After other "free" sites got pwned, PornHub inserts $0.50 to continue.

In the red corner, representing Pay Sites, weighing in at 900 models, it is the self-professed "World's Best Porn Site," BRAZZERS DOT COM!!

In the blue corner, representing Free Sites from around the Internet, it claims it can "make your dick bigger & your pussy wet," PORNHUB DOT COM!!

Alright contestants, make this a good clean fight. The scoring rules are here. Today's challenge is...

--->Prija Anjeli Rai: Anal<---

And a tough challenge indeed for our competitors. Anjeli Rai is a hot little number with 34Ds of Big Tit action, but will your average or even above average porn site shelve this spicy Indian sensation?

Diving into the frey first, offers an impressive 19 scenes within the first five seconds to score a quick ten points. But do any of them have anal? A weakness and a strength, Brazzers keeps screenshot galleries of all their videos so you can scan for anal content, but that will eat up a lot of time.

At three minutes and counting, we cannot find a confirmed anal shot of Prija and may have to settle for alternate content.

And...nope. enters Classic Pool Boy Adventures: Big Tits, Blowjob, Facial, Indian, MILF in 3 minutes, 29 seconds (209 seconds).

Challenger PornHub's search for Priya Anjeli Rai turns up nothing. Search results for "Indian" and "Indian Anal" return roughly the same page. Challenged as was Brazzers, there's plenty of Indians and plenty of anal but no way to be sure of getting an Indian doing anal.

Near the top of the page and without much time to spare, enters Anal Loving Arabic Beauty in 2 minutes, 54 seconds (176 seconds).

Time Score: A quick 10 to Pornhub for being faster, leaving Brazzers with [10*176/209] = 8 points.

Star Score: A quick 10 to Brazzers for an Exact Star Match. Pornhub has to make do with a bevvy of close-enoughs. They'll satisfy your Indian craving but have nothing if you're an Anjeli fan.
Prija Anjeli RaiNot Prija Anjeli Rai

PornHub scores 2.5 for a Body Type Match, forgoing race/chest matches in favor of time and content points.

Content: Full marks for PornHub. From 6 minutes, 47 seconds on, we have anal. A merciful 3 for Brazzers, gaining porno points for gonzo, oral, and titjob.

Bonus Options: Brazzers picks up two for each of the following: Full Screen Option, Download Options, Streaming, Porn Star Bios, HD On/OFF. 10 Points. Brazzers gets an additional 4 points for having forums attached to every movie.

Pornhub offers Full Screen and Streaming but that's about all you get for free. 4 Points. Pornhub claims to have a community but you have to sign up. We'll award them the 4 points anyway.


We're not going to wait 24 hours to test a response from the support team because it's 35 to 30.5 in Brazzer's favor. A 4-0 win in this category by Pornhub would make the score 35 to 34.5, still a loss for PornHub.

--->Final Score: Brazzers 70, Pornhub 61<---

Meaning: Brazzers delivers Priya Anjeli Rai videos better and with more options. Had the dice landed on "titjob" or "gonzo" this wouldn't have been a close contest at all.

It doesn't show up in the test, but Brazzers accepts scene suggestions for its stars. That is, you can suggest Priya Anjeli Rai do an anal scene, especially since neither competitor had exactly that.

So I suggested it. Let's see what happens.


  1. There is only one problem. Brazzers has used the wrong spelling, it is AnjAli, not AngEli