Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Erectile Disfunction

Still having trouble erecting this blog. Right now there's a problem with the www subdomain so going to pornworthwatching.net works fine while www.pornworthwatching.net gives a 404 page. This time the problem's on their side so I'm supposed to sit here and fap until their version of Geordi Laforge figures out how to fix things.

Speaking of fapping, there's better news afoot. Hentai Key has joined our wonderful and growing family.

Like Brazzers, Hentai Key is an umbrella password giving you access to tons of other material. It is a completely different perversion from Brazzers, offering access to Japan's fucked-up shit rather than America's fucked-up shit. You can still download complete movies and pics at record speeds, but the girls will be exotic and foreign.

OH, animated girls totally have huge tits. They're not bound by physics or anything. If you're not into this stuff yet, check it out. Disregarding porn because it's animated is SOOOOO 1995.

Boob diameter = forearm length. Go get it.

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